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Graduate School of Church-State Relations – Academic Degrees

Master of Theology (Th.M.) Theology, Culture, and Law
The student who posses a Bachelor’s degree from an approved institution of higher learning may apply to the Master of Theology degree that emphasizes studies in Theology, Apologetics, Church History, Culture, and Law. This program will qualify a student for the Doctor of Philosophy in Church and State Studies. This is a three year degree program.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Church and State Studies
The Student who currently hold a Master’s degree in a related field of study, such as, law, political science, public administration, or the Master of Theology degree in Theology, Culture, and Law from Whitefield, may be approved to enroll in the Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Church and State studies. This program requires the completion of six core doctoral courses in theology; seven core doctoral courses in Church and State studies and a written dissertation. The dissertation must consist of a minimum of 75,000 words and a maximum of 100,000 words in length. Students who choose not to complete a dissertation will receive the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree upon completion of the prescribed courses of study and the oral exam.

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