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Graduate School of Christian Counseling – Academic Degrees

Master of Arts in Christian Counseling  (M.A.) Biblical Counseling
This degree program consists of 14 courses of study. The first 6 courses are in theology, apologetics, and church history. The final 8 courses consist of an emphasis in Biblical Counseling. There is a practicum required for this course of study. A Bachelors degree is a prerequisite for entrance for this degree program.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Biblical Counseling
Students who have a Master’s Degree* in Biblical Counseling may be approved to take the Doctor of Philosophy Degree program in Biblical Counseling. This program requires the completion of: six core doctoral courses in theology; six major core courses in Biblical Counseling; and the completion of a practicum and dissertation. The dissertation must consist of a minimum of 75,000 words and a maximum of 100,000 words in length.

* must meet the same requirements as the M.A.R. in Biblical Counseling.

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