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Message from the President

Reformed theological education has been on the decline in America and around the world since the latter part of the nineteenth century. Many of the institutions which were established to provide a solid Reformed education, especially in training ministers of the Gospel, have been subsequently compromised. Ineffective leaders quickly sold their birthrights for the mess of pottage of the more popular systems of theology. These institutions, while remaining evangelical, have abandoned the distinctives of the Reformation. As a result, the pulpits of our churches are too often manned by graduates trained in defective theology by defective institutions. These graduates preach an impotent gospel, leaving the church without the hope of continued Reformational teachings and practices, and leaving lay leaders with little or no truth: My people perish from a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

If there is any hope for reformation in America and elsewhere, the Church of Jesus Christ must once again produce pastors who boldly proclaim the whole counsel of God with the anointing of His Spirit. We must establish theologically-sound institutions that meet the present educational needs of the church, and seek to train a new generation of ministers in the old, time-honored, biblical tradition. The mission of Whitefield Theological Seminary is to return to the historic theology and methodology God has blessed.

We are dedicated to training pastors, students and Christian laymen in the theological standards of the Reformation. We are training godly men who are faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ, who will stand on the principles of God’s Word and who will not compromise the Gospel. We seek men who have a vision for the future, and a world-and-life view which seeks to bring all things under the Crown Rights of King Jesus.

We invite all those who are of like mind to join us, to become part of the future and to begin a new reformation. Come, labor with us to build the Kingdom of God.

Your servant in Christ,

Dr. Kenneth Gary Talbot